Thursday, March 08, 2012

It happened again. Someone I know died without leaving a will, which means that their non=married partner and the children they were raising together will not be provided for. A 47 year old woman found her partner dead in bed. The relatives came, took the body, and left her nothing. If you have a significant relationship make a will and fill out the documents, available in every state, to let others know how you want to be treated if your medical condition makes it impossible for you to make a decision for yourself.

The lost of a loved one can cause people to feel that they have lost more than they thought they had to lose. Besides the stress of their shared grief they may to have to move, get rid of pets and look for additional work. The combination of these stresses is beyond the level that most of us could handle. For people who have suffered such a loss the thing to do is everything that they can, for the themselves and the children that are left behind.



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